About Us

The beginnings of today´s astebo go back to the year of 1964, when the company Hoval opened up a facility for the production of heating boilers in Marchtrenk (Upper Austria). In 1976, a production for steam boilers was installed at the existing location.

Birth of astebo

In 2006, an investor group operating in the fields of plant construction took over Hoval´s special boiler construction. Since April 2006, almost the same team has been working under the present name of astebo.
astebo – austrian steam boilers, the name speaks for itself. In July 2011, the relocation of astebo´s headquarter to Wallern an der Trattnach (Upper Austria) took place. From this central hub, astebo delivers its products and services to their worldwide customers, assisted by experienced sales partners. In 2016, the company astebo – well known for their customer specific boiler solutions – celebrated its 10th birthday.

Customer specific production
The company astebo manufactures its boilers according to specific customer´s requests, for all intents and purposes tailor made. Directly on site, the boiler systems are installed and prepared for commissioning by the own assembly personnel.

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